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Ikelite Underwater Case for Sony RX 100 Mk 4 Mk 5

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RX 100 underwater
RX 100 underwaterwater tight sony RX 100 MK 4
Price: From $550.00 to $1,025.00
Manufacturer: Ikelite Housings
Manufacturer Part No: 6116.15

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This updated version of the original Ikelite for Sony RX 100 MK 3 4 and 5 housing includes the following new features:

  • Lens
  • Front lens cover
  • Rear lens cover
  • Soft pouch
  • Lens cloth
  • Silicone lubricant 1cc tube
  • Ergonomic side-mounted shutter lever
  • Improved self-centering zoom control
  • Spare 1/2-20 accessory port for optional vacuum valve
  • New white ABS-PC blend
  • A new slide-in, front loading camera mounting tray makes this housing a breeze to set up and shoot. Controls are provided for all important camera functions including a re-designed, spring loaded rear dial control. Rear push button controls are laser engraved for identification with a new bright red push button for the video record start/stop. A sensitive shutter lever makes it easy to half-depress the trigger for focusing and metering.
  • Use the camera's built-in WiFi feature to download photos to another device without removing the camera from the housing. The WiFi feature is only usable above water within close proximity to the connected device.

    Due to the position of the camera's flash in relation to its lens, the built-in flash is not suitable to illuminate photos under water. For the best color and clarity, we recommend adding a filter, strobe, or constant-on light. The built-in flash may be used to trigger external strobes via fiber optic sync cord. Two ports are provided for the connection of up to two fiber optic cords. Not Included.        Fiber Optic Coiled Cord Ikelite Fiber Optic Converter for DS Strobes

    Any Ikelite DS strobe may be connected using the Fiber Optic Converter # 4401.1 and Fiber Optic Cord # 4501. The AF35 strobe is not compatible with this housing.

    Fiber optic cord compatibility

    • Ikelite 4501 Fiber Optic Coiled Cord
    • INON Optical D Cable "Non-wireless type" L-Connector
    • Sea&Sea Fiber Optic Cable (L-type) Product No. 50107
    • Olympus UW Fiber Optic Cable PTCB-E02
    • Nauticam Optical Fiber Cable No. 26211 Nauticam to INON
    • Nauticam Optical Fiber Cable No. 26212 Nauticam to Sea&Sea
    • Our 3-inch diameter ports feature a 67mm thread on the front for the easy attachment of external wide angle and macro wet lenses.Wide angle lenses make objects appear smaller, so that you can fit more into your frame underwater. Macro close-up lenses make small objects appear larger, so that tiny creatures will fill your frame.

      WD-3 Wide Angle DomeThe WD-3 Wide Angle Dome provides mid-range angle of view with no vignetting (dark shadows in the corners of the image). Not included.

      The W-30 Wide Angle Lens, INON UWL-H100, and other 67mm threaded wide angle lenses, provide a wider maximum angle of view. Because these are separated from the camera's lens by glass, air, and water, some vignetting and edge distortion will be present. These effects can be reduced or eliminated by using asmaller aperture, zooming in slightly, and/or cropping in post-production. Not Included.

      W30 Wide Angle Lens

      External macro lenses with 67mm threads from INON, Epoque, and other manufacturers, can be attached directly to the front of the housing's port.

      3-inch diameter color filters press directly onto these ports. Most wide angle lenses require a 3.6-inch diameter color filter. Refer to the product page for information on color filter compatibility.


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