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Rent SCUBA gear from Hollywood Divers for your next underwater film shoot, or just for a fun day of SCUBA.

Hollywood Divers SCUBA and UNDERWATER Camera Rental Department is open 7 days per week. We are located in the heart of the Studio District, near Universal Studios Hollywood. Pick up your rental at 3575 Cahuenga Blvd West, Los Angeles, CA, 90068. Call us for pick-up instructions at (323) 969-9666

Here are some of the items we have available for rent:

  • SCUBA gear
  • Dive tanks
  • Wetsuits
  • Drysuits (with fleece undergarments)
  • Swimmer's jackets to keep talent and crew warm
  • Gear bags
  • 25 foot long hookah breathing hoses for production
  • Full-face masks with underwater walkie-talkies
  • Surface-to-diver communication units

Hollywood Divers rental brands

We can help with the rental gear and advice on its use. We also have an extensive database of qualified water personnel who can swim, dive, act as camera assistants, stunt safety or talent who come properly equipped and prepared to go in the water.

We will help you or your show's driver load and unload rental gear, and provide the required paperwork to keep your production accounting department happy!

If you need a pool location for your shoot, we have suggestions based on the size of the show or stunt.

We want to help save you time and make your shoot a success!

We also have a dedicated Underwater Camera Center for rentals of Canon 5d Mk3 housings, Canon 5d Mk2 housings, Sony A7S, Black Magic camera housings such as the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera and The Black Magic 4k Underwater Cinema Package. The Underwater Monitor Rentals / Recorders are also available to rent. Rent the Housings for Shogun, Ninja or Small HD / HDMI bulkhead and Cable or Rent the 7 inch Dive n Sea SDI Monitor with Feed to surface.

Rent underwater lights that fit in the palm of your hand, amazingly powerful and compact. Underwater Red or Black Light as well as L.E.D.

See more here and calculate costs based on number of rental days for Underwater Camera Housings.

downloads page   Download Rental Agreements and Forms Related to Camera and Underwater Equipment Rental to get started !

Phone us at (323) 969-9666 and let us know when your dive day begins and when you plan to return the gear. Let us know of any special needs for your shoot or special day of diving. Hollywood Divers has rented to some of Hollywood’s most successful productions as well as the up and coming student indie productions about our town.