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North Carolina July 7-14 2018


Monthly Catalina Island trips!

Wanna Sign up ? Call us or Fill out this Trip Application Form.


Local California Diving  with Hollywood Divers Every Month.

We go to Anacapa, Channel Islands National Park, at least once per month. We Call this Ditch Day. 

The trip includes 3 Dives aboard the Spectre. The Spectre is an 85 Foot Long Hot Tub Equipped Diving Vessel.

The Spectre Friday Diver  Ditch Day Cost is 115.00 U.S.D., 

Lunch Included, 

Parking is free,

 Airfills also Included.

Not Included, Rental Scuba Gear. You must Pre-Arrange Rentals or bring your own Tanks, Dive Weights and SCUBA Gear.


The Spectre Runs 3 to 5 Days per week depending on the season and demand. Please Call the Spectre Dive Boat at 805 483 6612 tell them you want to go Diving and please let them know Hollywood Divers sent you.

Our Ditch Day Dives occur on Fridays and We suggest you ditch work and go diving instead. No Better way to kick off the weekend than by going diving.

See the Local California / Los Angeles Area Boat Trips that we have going out on our calendar.

Do you need Divers Trip Insurance ? http://www.diversalertnetwork.org/travel?rc=1421847  Divers Alert Network Scuba Diving Insurance

Other Planning tools. See all So Cal Dive Boat Schedules here. 

Can't come with Hollywood Divers on one of our trips? 

Have a hectic Schedule? If you would like to Design Your Own Vacation right away click here. Our Friends at http://www.deepblueadventures.com/diveshop/Hollywood-Divers.html  can help you design a custom dive Vacation and they have many destinations to choose from.